Terms of service



  1. Every customer is expected to know and accept our general terms and conditions of sale and payment. Only the current terms and conditions apply to all our agreements and obligations to the exclusion of other or additional terms and conditions, unless otherwise agreed in writing in advance.
  2. Our price offers are purely informative and not binding. Only an order form signed by the parties leads to an agreement. Reference can be made to the provisions of art. 8 of the current circumstances. . All prices stated therein are exclusive of VAT and valid for one month, unless stated otherwise. The quotations can always be revised until the final order, if there is a change in material costs, wages, social security contributions or other price-determining factors. Prices quoted are based on cash payment, unless stated otherwise.
  3. Only payments to the bank account specified by us are accepted by us. Bank charges are borne by the buyer. Any late payment on the due date automatically and legally without prior notice gives rise to payment of compensation of 10% of the invoice amount with a minimum of 75 euros. In addition, each outstanding amount will automatically, automatically and without notice from the due date, charge interest based on the interest rate as defined in the law of 2.08.2002. Partial payments are charged first on outstanding costs, then on interest owed, and then on the oldest outstanding debt in principal. Any late payment means that all other debts that have not yet expired become due and payable by operation of law. Acceptance of bills of exchange or other means of payment does not lead to novation. If a shortcoming of the supplied materials is found or if a part must be delivered, the customer is not entitled to appeal to this in order to withhold payment, as a service guarantee is provided for this.
  4. To be valid, all complaints must be submitted by certified mail and within 8 calendar days of the invoice date or receipt of goods.
  5. Our current promotions and / or promotions cannot be combined with gift vouchers and gift cards.
  6. Only the courts of the judicial district of Antwerp, Hasselt department are authorized to hear disputes between the parties. . Belgian law applies. The parties thus exclude the applicability of the Vienna Sales Convention with regard to the provisions of territorial jurisdiction and applicable law.
  7. Seller Atelier Rebul Benelux bvba remains the owner of the delivered goods until the day of full payment of the principal and / or interest and / or fixed compensation, even if the goods were already in use or were resold.
  8. Any change in the customer's condition, such as death, insolvency, collective debt settlement, dissolution, liquidation, legal winding-up, bankruptcy or non-payment, allows us to demand warranties or to provide legal guarantees in whole or in part and without prior notice. dissolve with payment of damage suffered by Atelier Rebul Benelux bvba, insofar as it is clear that the buyer cannot meet his obligations.

Special conditions: purchase - sale

  1. Each order has a binding character, but only after it has been accepted by Atelier Rebul Benelux bvba. Orders cannot be canceled unilaterally after this. Failing this, the defaulting or canceling buyer is obliged to pay a fixed compensation to cover the foreseeable damage on the basis of cancellation, equal to an amount of 30% of the order (s) placed. This compensation is immediately due and payable after notice of default. Any advance payment paid will be deducted from this and will then irrevocably accrue to the seller. Refusal of purchase is considered a breach of contract, subject to prior notice of default and granting of a reflection period of 2 weeks, in which case full compensation can be claimed for all damage caused above.
  2. Delivery times are purely indicative and do not bind Atelier Rebul Benelux bvba. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, a delay in delivery can under no circumstances give rise to cancellation or dissolution of the purchase or to the award of compensation. The seller reserves the right to make partial deliveries resulting in partial deliveries. Express shipments are always at the buyer's expense.
  3. The seller is entitled to suspend delivery if an advance or other amounts due are not paid on time and this in order to settle all arrears. New orders must then be paid in cash before delivery.
  4. Atelier Rebul Benelux bvba has the right to immediately terminate any cooperation with the customer if this is necessary to protect the image, reputation and good name of the brands it distributes and sells or if it appears, its brands at any time or is damage caused by the customer. Seller Atelier Rebul Benelux bvba has the right to immediately discontinue cooperation with the customer if the cooperation with the customer proves to be insufficiently profitable for it.
  5. If a consignment agreement has been concluded between the parties, the customer undertakes to send a statement to Atelier Rebul Benelux bvba for the sold goods every month, no later than the last day of each month and without notice of default. The goods remain the property of Atelier Rebul Benelux bvba until full payment. Atelier Rebul Benelux bvba has the right to cancel the consignment agreement at any time, after which the customer ensures that the unsold goods are returned to Atelier Rebul Benelux bvba in their original condition no later than within 14 days, in the same packaging, without contamination or on whatever defective and with reference to the item number attached to it. Any goods not received in this way will be charged after 14 days and payable.
  6. All purchases are shipped at the buyer's risk, regardless of the mode of transport or shipment. The seller is not liable for damage caused to the sold goods during transport or shipment.
  7. The seller is not liable for damage caused by the goods sold, except in the case of gross negligence on the part of the seller.
  8. Any non-conformity with the order is deemed to be covered if the buyer has not reported this in writing immediately after delivery. Unqualified acceptance implies acceptance. All complaints must be made known by registered letter within 8 days of delivery or the date on which it can be assumed that any defects were visible or observable. It has been agreed that the earliest date of the foregoing should be taken as a starting point, assuming that the short term in Article 1646 of the Civil Code is set at 3 months. If the properties and / or properties of the materials supplied are at issue and nothing has been determined about the scope of the warranty, the warranty will only be granted to the extent and during the period that the warranty can be obtained from the supplier's or manufacturer's own supplier. products and materials. The possible warranty is at all times limited to a subsequent delivery or replacement of the defective materials or equivalent should the original no longer be available. Any damage or other costs will be borne by the buyer.

In the event of cancellation of the purchase, the value of the goods already delivered relating to disputed orders becomes immediately due and payable.