COMMANDÉ AUJOURD'HUI, livré demain

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      The 1895 Collection is a celebration of the year of our brand´s foundation.
      This collection takes inspiration from the formulas and prescriptions stored in our archive over the past 120 years, together with the plants and flowers used at this time in the Pharmacy, we have focused on the healing properties found in these plants and flowers whilst developing this new signature fragrance.
      With top notes of bergamot, heart notes of  rhubarb, and base notes of oakmoss, the  fragrance of our 1895 collection is refreshing  and uplifting.
      This icon for the collection is composed of a snake and a bowl symbolizing Hygiea, the God of Health and Pharmacy, and daughter of Asclepius, the Greek God of Medicine. Hygiea’s bowl is an international symbol representing Pharmacy.

      9 items

      9 items