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Pre+Postbiotic Hyaluron Serum 30 ml

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This 96% natural, ultra-hydrating Pre + Postbiotic Hyaluronic Serum, enriched with Vitamin E, helps skin feel more hydrated, smoother and fuller. The skin immediately radiates and is no longer dry.

With its low molecular weight, hyaluronic acid in the formula contributes to better penetration while providing efficient hydration and filling in lines caused by dryness. It locks in and replenishes moisture for healthy looking skin. The versatile active ingredient real Pre + Postbiotic helps to improve the skin flora by balancing the population of good bacteria. This innovative Postbiotic technology helps to balance and stabilize the skin by supporting its natural defense system, leaving the skin more radiant due to the nourishing, restructuring and smoothing effects of the active ingredient. Dermatologically tested.


  • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, oily and even acne-prone skin.
  • Without Perfume.
  • Content: 30ml



We have been manufacturing skincare and fragrance products since 1895. The knowledge we have gained during that time has been painstakingly passed on from generation to generation. Based on our timeless expertise, we choose the most qualitative and safe ingredients for your skin and soul. We do not use chemicals such as parabens, mineral oil and phthalate in our products and we design it for the whole family and every skin type to use.

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